Links I Like ~ so what ELSE is fashionably light this week?

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 08 2013

Gold Tape

links i like^ a lovely image of a lovely idea by veronica dearly

Sometimes when I browse the internet I find something that is just so fashionably light – little pieces that seem to have been written just for me at just the right moment. Here I share them with you :)

★ old school macs. in lego form. minimal and adorable.

★ close ups on pretty pastel things. simply lovely. 

★ how to make sticky habits. published around the same time as my sparkle steps guide. how trendy!

★ a radical idea: no one should ever work.

★ the pro-argument for doing work in coffee shops.

★ meet trike man! his house is his bike. ultimate minimalism.

video of the week: how adorably true is this?

happy friday!

xandra ★

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