productivity and lists

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 08 2012

Gold Tape

^ my macbook air (her name is matilda), my cat notepad from oxford comma, and my favorite kind of mechanical pencil (simple and inexpensive)

my laptop is a wonderful tool (for things like blogging), but especially with wireless internet it is also dangerous, especially when i am trying to read titus andronicus. today i implemented one of my productivity strategies: write down every little task that comes to mind (^see above for result, including closed laptop) instead of jumping on google to look something up or onto my money spreadsheet to input a value i just remembered. too often i consider these little thoughts “urgent” (when they are not), and they not only break up the flow of my work, but open up the entire world wide web of procrastination possibilities (especially during fashion week). after work is done for the day (never as a “break,” because this is always a lie), i work on this list. 

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