little summer adventure list


Jul 11 2017

Gold Tape

little summer adventure list

How to get me to do anything:

Write a little check box next to a task. I will feel compelled to do it, just to tick that box. To achieve the gold star.

Put a deadline on something and say ‘I dare you’? Oh man. Consider it done. 

[it’s kind of a problem].

I am terrified of letting deadlines pass.

Changing my mind and deciding not to keep a promise to myself is pretty much unheard of.

For the past few summers I’ve set an annual birthday list of adventures, and while this is fun for most of the year, I’ve noticed that July has felt less like my month of birthday celebration, and more like crunch time, the final sprint to the finish line of a marathon.

And so I cut the cord and let it go.


I think this was very brave of me, nixing my list so close to the deadline. I felt a moment of liberation.

I’d been meaning to go to the climbing gym to do one of my birthday list things, but dreaded it, feeling pressured by the task. But when I let go of the obligation, I felt myself wanting to go on a whim. 

Here’s what I realised:

I need to start living in the present rather than scheduling a time in the future to live in the present.

This year I’m replacing my birthday list with little seasonal adventure lists. Just 7 things per season that help me relish the world I’m in, in its current condition.

my little summer adventure list

I asked for suggestions on Facebook, and got some lovely responses!

The beach is my number one. I love swimming in the ocean, then warming up again in the sun wrapped in a slightly sandy towel before eating lunch while soaking up the sea air. Mmmm bliss” – Kirsty


Beach is definitely my favorite – I love living near Lake Michigan! I love to be in or on the water. But I also love all the classic things… Picnics, sidewalk chalk, flying kites, bicycling…” – @annakanski 


Ooooh I love this idea! Picnics, hosting a yard sale (is that an adventure?  ?), stargazing, the beach, the drive in…so many!” – @sarahstarrs_

little summer adventure list

my little summer adventure list

1. have a picnic

2. camp in the cairngorms

3. read a book of poetry

4. play guitar outdoors

5. go swimming

6. visit a rooftop bar

7. go to the beach

what’s on your list?

P.S. I’ve just updated the Events calendar with some new tea parties and events. Take a look!

This list is filed under GRYFFINDOR for favouring adventures and experiences.

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