Long-Haul Flight Tips Fit for a Heroine


Feb 05 2019

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Long-Haul Flight Tips Fit for a Heroine

Even if physically I’m crammed into an uncomfy airplane seat, there is something spacious about travel. 

I find myself dreaming and creating on airplanes. Maybe it has to do with soaring through the clouds.

Over the years I’ve become an expert in the art of long-haul air travel, and how to embrace the atmosphere… no pun intended.

My top travel tips, fit for a heroine:

Watch as many movies as you want.

Never rely on an overnight flight for getting things done (including sleep). If you want to spend the entire flight watching films, indulge!

Hydrate with an enormous water bottle and a sheet mask.

I can never be bothered to do face masks at home, but on a plane I appreciate the extra hydration.

Bring a water bottle to the airport, and fill it up before boarding. Stingier airlines will make you pay for water, and even the kinder ones may give you a small cup at a time.

Bring your own receptacle and keep it topped up.

Bring blank paper for doodling and dreaming.

Bring just the right tools in case inspiration strikes. My favourite activity is doodling out my ideal day and ideal week. I tend to end up dreaming on planes.

Find your favourite spot by the train station. 

Applies to airports too.

Noise cancelling headphones 

…do live up to the hype. If you do get headaches from all the plane sounds, they’re worth the space in your bag. I don’t enjoy them on the ground, but share Steve’s when we’re in the air.

Bring a tarot card. 

For my return journey from Kitty Cavalier’s retreat, I asked her to choose a card for me to consult if I were feeling stressed from the travel. I keep this card in my passport case.

Set a 2-hour timer on long flights.

Use this as a reminder to get up and stretch. Ask your seat mates with a smile, say thank you, and no one gets too bothered.

Listen to safety announcements.

 I’ve found that it takes more effort to tune them out. Unless you have noise-cancelling headphones (see above).

Bring your own reusable clear cosmetics case.

Invest in one durable clear cosmetics case for your liquids and never scramble for a plastic bag when you’re going through security again. I love this one from MUJI.

When bored, put iTunes on shuffle.

I’m often delighted by the reappearance of a random song I haven’t heard in years.

Listen to the complete works of your favourite artist on shuffle.

Taylor Swift for daytime travel (especially ‘The Best Day’, for some reason), and Owl City for nighttime travel.

Remember: this is all training for The Amazing Race.

Delays happen, things go wrong. The best contestants on The Amazing Race are those who see these obstacles as part of the game.


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