Looking for Hidden Jams!

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 24 2013

Gold Tape

Looking for Hidden Jams!

Hey guys. So for the past few months I’ve been posting my monthly mix CDs. My little project encourages me to find new songs to fall in love with each month.

I’d like to also find new artists to fall in love with each month. In particular, little-known artists who rock.

Here’s the deal.

I’m looking for 20 indie and/or unsigned artists who write inspiring and awesome music.

I’ll make a mix featuring a track from each artist.

Then I’ll send the CD [in the post] to one of you readers!

What I Need Now

Send me some music! Post your favourite should-be-famous artists in the comments.

Plug your friends, family, and selves.

[Requirements: Must be… Independent and/or unsigned. Non-famous. Original music. Awesome. / Must have… recordings available to download. / Despite photo above, boys are allowed.]

Stay in touch

When I’ve completed the album, the giveaway begins! Stay tuned on Twitter and Facebook.

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