Lorelai a Few Places


Sep 11 2018

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Lorelai a Few Places

The Gilmore girls may not know much about nutrition. But they do know how to pick a takeaway pizza.

First order of business when Rory moves into her dorm room is to find the best takeout. Lorelai orders from all the local places to find their go-to for each cuisine. Thus the term is coined: Lorelai a few places.

When Steve and I were at uni, the choice for takeaway pizza on Cowley Road was always the same: Mario’s or Il Principe? One day we decided to get one veggie pizza from each, and compare them side by side. We could to walk to each pizzeria to collect them – so why not? (Il Principe won – more flavour, less salt).

Lorelai a Few Places

Where Lorelai leads, I will follow. I’m on a quest to find the best of each type of takeout in our area.

Now, I’m pretty sure Lorelai’s method of tracking her findings is by committing them to memory (and keeping a curated drawer of menu leaflets), but I feel like Rory would appreciate my more extensive system.

I keep a note on Evernote called “Lorelai-ing Edinburgh”, with an emoji key for the places I’ve tried:

🌟 Favourite


🚫 Do not order

😢 Permanantly Closed

So when I crave a particular cuisine, and am delirious with hunger, all I have to do is consult this visual and organised list. Yay.

Know your groceries.

Lorelai-ing goes beyond takeout, and into the fridge (even if Lorelai herself would not).

We recently discovered that the Scotmid shortcrust pastry is far superior to any other supermarket we’ve tried. Now whenever we pie is on the menu, we make a special stop to the Scotmid to get the Best Pastry.

When it comes to enjoying cooking, I benefit from every bit of inspiration I can find. Having pre-made pastry confidence is not just tasty – it’s empowering.

Become a coffee connoisseur.

My daily gift to myself is writing in a cafe each morning with coffee. I budget for this, and the coffee makes the experience better (Again, unlike Lorelai: I never have more than a cup a day). 

I started asking about the fancy coffee I order. In chatting with the baristas I’ve learned that I like sweet and fruity roasts, and often, the filter coffee.

And a tea connoisseur.

Steve and I have lemon and ginger tea every morning, and we’ve tried a few different brands. Twining’s is our favourite, so we bought a tower of boxes in bulk.

Favourite takeout.

Favourite pastry.

Favourite coffee.

Favourite tea.

Getting to know myself one detail at a time.


To quote Lorelai’s beloved Bangles: “If she knew what she wants, you’d be giving it to her.” 

What you want can be as simple as having a favourite type of takeout pizza. 

Heroine Training is a lifelong exercise of understanding your preferences.

Defining who you are is a big ask. But you can start with a slice of pizza.

Lorelai the takeout options in your neighbourhood. Lorelai the different brands of tea and pastry, and other household staples. Do you have favourites?


P.S. Want a peek at the actual list? I’m creating a space to post extra secrets like this, and it will be open soon. Sign up to be the first to hear.

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