How to Sleep in Style: Capsule Loungewear


May 16 2014

Gold Tape

How to Sleep in Style: Capsule Loungewear

When it comes to sleepwear, why not dress like a heroine? Here’s my advice for cozy loungewear (fancy word for my preferred ‘jam jams’).

♡ Have a colour scheme. Without intending to, I ended up with a mix of ‘fairy tones’: powder pink and blue, white, grey, and some navy. Since I don’t have too many pieces, this means they will all match. And matching makes me feel calmer.

♡ Work in layers. Here you see an array of styles and fabrics. I have cashmere leggings for the winter (or for a chilly summer night!), some bloomer-esque shorts, and my favourite constellation bottoms. On top, I like to layer camis with long-sleeve shirts or jumpers, or both!

♡ Work in pieces from your day wear. The Cath Kidston deer jumper and the Ambrym duck top (yes, that crazy thing on the bottom of the pile is supposed a duck!) used to be in my daily mix, but don’t feel quite my style to wear outside anymore. Instead of getting rid of them, I wear them to sleep, and they make me happy.

♡ Wear your pajamas like a treat. I love the feeling of getting changed into cosy PJs at the end of the day, preferably after a nice shower with luscious lotion. My best tip: rub Lemony Flutter or Rejuvenating Rub on sore feet, then slip on bamboo or cotton socks to “feel like you have a new pair of feet!”, as a Lush employee described it to me.

For more tips and dreams on Mood-Lifting Loungewear, see this week’s episode of FabulosiTEA

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What do you wear to sleep to feel lovely?

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