Simple Fix: Sample Tea Stress-Free

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Jun 07 2013

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Simple Fix: Sample Tea Stress-Free

Drinking tea is one of the most calming, mindful activities.

Set the kettle to boil. Wait. Prepare the leaves. Pour. Wait. Remove the leaves. Wait again. It’s a long process that requires slowing down to enjoy, and that’s part of its benefit.

That’s all nice, but where to begin? I often stare at jars of exotic loose leaf, from green teas to oolong to yellow tea even. Uhhhh I’ll have normal tea. English Breakfast. Earl Grey. While lately I’ve taken to ordering the craziest sounding tea on the menu (Phoenix Pearl Dragon! amaazing.), sometimes the risk is not worth the £3 or so gamble. Certainly not when shopping for my personal supply

Enter Love Tea! This gourmet tea company delivers fancy teas to try straight to your door [or in my case, pigeonhole]. Each package comes with some loose leaf, an envelope of tea bags in case you don’t have a strainer, easy-to-brew instructions, and – the best part – a page of history on the tea you’re drinking!

Love Tea removes the burden of choice, since you get to sample their range by month, and who doesn’t love a surprise. As I type, I sip Wild Excelsior (excellent name.), an organic oolong tea from Paksong, Laos. Feeling more like a connoisseur by the tea leaf.

If you fancy a try, head over to, and enter the code XANDRA40 for 40% off your first month.

by miss xandra bee

P.S. Thanks to Love Tea for the sample, and to Amy (Disguised by Zebras) for the recommendation!

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