Magic in a Snow White Sippy Cup: the Art of the Mini Adventure


Oct 30 2018

Gold Tape

Magic in a Snow White Sippy Cup.

I spilled water all over myself while reading in bed. Again.

Steve called for an intervention.

‘I switched from having a cup of water on the bedside table to a water bottle, and now I don’t spill it. You keep spilling water on yourself too, so I think you should get a water bottle.’

Let’s back up again. One month ago, I was launching Everyday Wonderland, my new programme for living like a heroine and making your life a little bit lovelier.

One of the Four Stages of being a heroine is to observe how themes show up in our lives.

In Everyday Wonderland, we practice this by following a monthly theme. The theme for September was Beginnings.

On the 20th of September I launched Everyday Wonderland, and it my first time running Heroine Training 101.

It was also the Beginning of Cath Kidston’s Snow White Collection.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney’s first animated feature – not to mention the first ever full-length animated feature – and, it was the first film that I saw in a cinema.

That day, I woke up stressed and cranky.

‘I’m staying home and skipping the Snow White breakfast!’

‘No!,’ Steve intervened again, ‘You must go to the Snow White breakfast. It’s very important to you.’

And so, I loaded my iPod with the Snow White soundtrack, and Heigh-Ho marched my way over.

I spent only a few minutes in the shop, but it was all I needed. I brought home one souvenir from the Mini Adventure: a Snow White sippy cup.

I hesitated before picking it up.

Are adults allowed to own sippy cups?! I decided that I didn’t care.

Steve insisted that I go to Snow White breakfast, and that I get a water bottle for my bedside table. This ticked both boxes.

Steve was right – it’s much nicer to have a water bottle. I never spill my sippy cup, and it’s so much easier to well, sip from!

‘Thank you Steve!’, I keep saying. ‘You were so right about the sippy cup! Thank you for encouraging me to get one.’

‘Um…was this my idea? I don’t think I said sippy cup, exactly…’

Heroine Training 101

The Lesson

On this morning, I practiced the Four Stages of the Heroine’s Journey to get to my Everyday Wonderland:

  • Start with a theme (Beginnings),
  • Invoke the muse (‘Heigh-Ho!’),
  • Cultivate your Obsessions (Snow White),
  • And go on Mini Adventures (to Snow White breakfast).

To learn about the Four Stages, catch the replay of Heroine Training 101 here.

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