Magical Midsummer Ritual


Jun 29 2015

Gold Tape

Magical Midsummer Ritual

Midsummer brought me magic just when I needed it, both last year and the year before. So of course, “celebrate Midsummer” became a goal on this year’s birthday list.

I happened to be in London for the launch of Caroline’s newest project, The Girl with the Sunshine Tattoo [warning: addictive], so for Midsummer Sunday, Sarah Starrs and I met for a Diner lunch and crystal shopping before performing a summer solstice ritual in a secret garden, which happens to be called the Phoenix Garden (!).

Magical Midsummer Ritual

We found little benches for laying out the summer solstice tarot spreads we found on, studied our results, and decorated with flowers and petals from the garden. Funny how we both got messages we needed to hear at that moment.

The ritual concluded with writing wishes on gold paper, a little tradition I learnt from Paige last year and since we had no matches, we buried them.


Honour a day that is special to you and your geekiness by setting aside time to acknowledge it. Here are some ideas…let’s add to the list in the comments below!

  • Bake a pi pie on Pi Day (March 14)
  • Recite a sonnet on Shakespeare’s birthday (23 April)
  • Carry a towel to celebrate Douglas Adams (25 May)
  • Sing through the entire Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on the musical’s birthday (9 October)
  • Read the first chapter of Sorcerer’s Stone aloud on Harry Potter Day (1 November)

P.S. Are you following me on Instagram? I documented my Midsummer ritual in real time!

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