Magical Mornings & Mario Kart Starts


Oct 28 2015

Gold Tape

Magical Mornings & Mario Kart Starts
In Mario Kart Double Dash there’s this thing called a Rocket Start.
You achieve this by hitting the gas exactly as the countdown ends and the race begins (START!). Your car doesn’t just roll forward gently, but bursts out of the gate with a satisfying rumble.

The 5am Miracle Podcast got me thinking – Jeff Sanders talks about “bouncing out of bed with enthusiasm”, and the image that came to mind was that of a Mario Kart rocket start.

The more I thought about it, the more it rang completely true: to have a magical morning, you have to time it right, and commit with enthusiasm. Get enough sleep, and when it’s time to wake up, it’s time to wake up. If you master this one move, you’ve hopped straight to the front of the pack, flying down Rainbow Road with finesse (just don’t fall off).

My Blogwarts ladies and I were struggling with mastering this critical moment, so I did some research, reflecting, and writing, and drew up a workbook just for them – and they suggested I share it with you too! So here’s the first workbook in the Blogwarts series, available all year round if you just can’t wait to enroll next summer.

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