on marthe hagen’s “feeling good when life is hard”


Dec 06 2012

Gold Tape

^ parisian graffiti is on my love list. “dreaming is the opposite of worrying.” – marthe hagen

i’ve been given a wonderful opportunity: previewing marthe hagen‘s ebook, feeling good when life is hard. to set the scene: i’ve just finished reading it, and am listening to her feeling good playlist (it includes owl city. it must be awesome.)buzzing with the prospect of opportunity and possibility her book inspires. she shares the story of how from her lowest she fought off the hurt to be the fabulous, empowering blogger she is now. her book, a pretty pastel package (with adorable design by kristin butler) including an interactive workbook that my nostalgic nerdy self shall eagerly print off and fill out, is about recovering from super-tough times, but also about adjusting everyday routines to include bursts of happiness. “what is your tea?” she asks. mine? well…tea. or cupcakes. 

so what’s your tea?

xandra ★

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