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Xandra Robinson-Burns is a Writer and the Protagonist of Heroine Training. She writes about daily life, being the heroine of our own stories, and finding wisdom in what we do for fun.

Her membership programme, Everyday Wonderland, helps readers find wonder where they already are, away from screens. She also hosts the podcast What’s Your Favorite Part? recapping character development in tv and film, with a gentle focus on representation.

A TEDx speaker and Oxford graduate, her work has been featured in Business Insider, The Guardian and the San Francisco Chronicle.

She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Interview Me

I’m available for interviews for your podcast, publication, or community. I would love to speak about creativity, simplicity, character, and more.

Some topics include:

  • Designing your dream creative routine
  • Character development, and what we can learn about ourselves form fiction (Favourites: Austen, Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, and Gilmore girls)
  • Minimalism: how when we cut out clutter, we are left with our heroic selves
  • Mixed race identity
  • Being an artist and entrepreneur
  • My creative process
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I bring unique events to storefronts (such as Kate Spade and Waterstones), retreats, and local businesses, leading workshops and talks on being your own heroine.

Signature presentations include:

  • Heroine Training Tea Party
  • What Would a Heroine Do?
  • Design Your Dream Routine

Past Appearances include:

  • University of Oxford, Exeter College
  • Granger Leadership Academy
  • Ruckus Retreat

Heroine Training Tea Party

Interactive Event

In this intimate salon-style experience, connect with ourselves and each other over tea. A Heroine Training Tea Party is a cosy, pop-up empowerment space for gathering likeminded readers through conversation and mindfulness through fabulousness.

Each party opens with motivational welcome by Xandra (me), followed by discussion guided by a bespoke questionnaire of topics (which can be tailored to themes of your event).

Our table is a space to be open about what excites us. A reminder that:

  • Self-reflection doesn’t have to feel like homework.
  • Personal development can be as playful as a tea party.
  • There is wisdom and something to learn in everything we enjoy for fun.

This party is best suited to a table of 5-9 guests across two hours. Tea and refreshments organised separately.

Basically, Robinson-Burns is a motivational speaker — but she’s genuine and passionate and kind of nervously nerdy about her job. As a result, she was subtle yet effective in inspiring our small tea party group to root for ourselves like we’re the protagonists in our own awesome novels.

– Beth Spotswood,
San Francisco Chronicle

Xandra is a compassionate self-care teacher, intuitive personal development leader, and generous guide for rebel heroines. Her thoughtfully organized events – from workshops to tea parties — leave one with inspiration, a set of tools, and new friends.

Hearing others, especially women, voice what’s behind their bravery – conflict & desire, expectation & intention, anxiety & so much love – is a deep comfort. And so validating. I feel reflective and peaceful after our conversation. Heroine Training was just what my spirit needed, and Xandra is a compassionate self-care teacher, intuitive personal development leader, and generous guide for rebel heroines.

– Jennifer K. Stuller,
Ink-Stained Amazon

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What Would a Heroine Do?


My signature masterclass on seeking mini adventures, and living like a protagonist in your daily life

Learn how to care for yourself as much as you do for your favourite fictional characters.

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Design Your Dream Routine


Even your ideal self lives life on a daily basis. Design your dream routine, and grant yourself a version of it. Be the protagonist of your own story by prioritising your craft every day.

This session is driven by motivational storytelling, imaginative brainstorming exercises, and group discussion. Participants will:

  • dream up wish lists for daily schedules
  • explore personal creative tendencies
  • define action steps for implementing inspiring daily rituals within the context of current commitments

I specialise in making daily life more magical, and celebrating process over product.

Heroine Training at TEDx

How Harry Potter Saved My Life

i also co-host:

Art Life Podcast Art

the art life

What if art were less about goals and more about living? Valuing process over product, Xandra and Grace explore what it means to be an artist in the digital age.

What's your favorite part Podcast Art

What's your favorite part?

Xandra and her sister Junie talk character development and the wisdom in what we watch for fun. They cover female-centric and feel-good films & tv, with a gentle focus on representation.


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