Micro-Pleasure Monday: Cupcakes with Blogcadets

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jun 17 2013

Gold Tape

Micro-Pleasure Monday: Cupcakes with Blogcadets

Micro-Pleasure No. 33 – Cupcakes with Blogcadets

Why go out for coffee when you can go out for cupcakes? It’s a particularly appropriate way to reunite with my fellow Blogcademy graduates (Blogcadets), especially when we match our cupcakes to our clothes in Blogcademy blue.

While I’m moving to South-west London this autumn, Carrie (California Love Letters) has just moved away, but we had time to meet up before her departure, and said meeting included my first visit to Sweet Revenge. I think my expression captures the name of the bakery, don’t you think?

Micro-Pleasure Monday: Cupcakes with Blogcadets

Not long after, Blogcadets flocked to Oxford for a day trip (Jo | Fe-line Women, Anita | Trawler Girl, Sofia | Sofia Bianca, Lucy | Lucy J Loves, and Georgina | Ruby Wedding Design) which included a trip to the vintage and wedding fair. Sofia and I sampled micro-cakes, and while she was patient enough to wait until I got a perfect photo of her, I ate my vanilla cupcake before such evidence could be made…

On with the list of Micro-Pleasures…

34. 90’s music

35. gelato with sprinkles

36. de-cluttering my room as I pack up my things

37. going to the library to do blog work rather than English degree work

38. watching highlights from the Tony Awards (Matilda!)

39. tea first thing in the morning

40. rock climbing callouses

41. the pause at the end of a play just before the applause

42. when cafés display local artists’ work on the walls

43. water in a jug with mint leaves or lime wedges

44. finding the perfect gift for a friend

45. the twice daily perfected ritual of washing my face

46. anything illuminated by candlelight

cupcakes, sprinkles, and dainty plates,

by miss xandra bee

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