Micro-Pleasure Monday: Finding a Book I Can’t Put Down…

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jun 03 2013

Gold Tape

Micro-Pleasure Monday: Finding a Book I Can't Put Down...

Micro-Pleasure No. 1. Finding a book that Lyra and I both cannot put down.

Oh my goodness! I soared through Giséle Scanlon’s The Goddess Experience, a list of 1001 of the fabulous authoress’s favourite Micro-Pleasures, from no. 1 ( a cup of tea) to 272 (rummaging through vintage fairs – and where to find them!) to 834 (CHOCOLATE), etcetera.

Here is a girl who, like I, loves to sample everything to find the absolute best and then whisper about it to fellow goddesses (my guides to Boston’s Newbury Street, and the world’s best cupcakes).

But while she indulges in the occasional luxury, she also prizes Micro-Pleasures. I love the term so much that I am naming my Monday column after it (Giséle, I hope this is okay.).

On with the list!

2. fresh flowers in vases

3. when a café plays a song I love but forgot about

4. bare legs and sunshine [even in England]

5. Gilmore Girls night

6. long meandering walks

7. gifting surprise no-occasion presents to people I love

8. spontaneous trips to Atomic Burger

9. discovering lovely new vegan body cream in gorgeous packaging

10. Facebook notifying me of RSVP Yes-es for my Oxford-based Blogcademy Reunion

11. finishing a jar of something and reusing the container

12. seeing my beloved Turl Street Kitchen in British Vogue

13. farmers’ markets (East Oxford Farmers’ & Community Market and Gloucester Green Market)

14. out of the blue emails from friends I miss

15. browsing charity shops and finding books I’ve been meaning to read for £2 (100 Years of Solitude. Between a Rock and a Hard Place.)

16. the itch of an old obsession resurfacing (Studio Ghibli).

17. exploring England in my mind by gazing at my map

18. finalising summer plans

19. remembering to charge my camera battery before it’s too late

20. having so many little things that make me happy that I don’t want to stop thinking of new ones.

But I’ll leave it there for the week. Now it’s your turn – what are your micro-pleasures?

by miss xandra bee

P.S. Thank you to Caroline (Sparkles and Crumbs) for insisting I borrow her copy of The Goddess Experience. I promise I’ll return it as soon as I buy my own :)

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