My Midsummer & Beyond

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jun 20 2013

Gold Tape

June 21. The summer solstice. Midsummer. The date dear to me ever since 2003 when I counted down the days to the release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, perhaps the most anticipated date of my childhood. Then came 2007, when I discovered my favourite play, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Then came 2013, when this shall be the day in which my summer officially kicks off.

Tomorrow, the 21st of June, I turn off my computer and take a digital sabbatical for a month. The blog will continue to update regularly (magic!), but I won’t be here to interact. I pack up my Oxford room for good, and travel lightly on my way home.

Where will I be?


My Midsummer & Beyond

The Country House Party. A Midsummer Night’s Ball. Camping [glamping was an option, but I am an Adventuress after all]. Midnight storytelling by the bonfire. Sheep to pet. Swing dancing and yoga. Literary talks in a Literary Tent. Star-gazing. Forests and fields. (and more)

The Wye Valley

My Midsummer & Beyond

Climbing. Channelling William Wordsworth. Reading books in a tent. Climbing. More climbing. (Source)

Picos de Europa

My Midsummer & Beyond

Climbing. Admiring the scenery. More book-reading in a tent. More climbing. (Source)


My Midsummer & Beyond

Reunions. Reminiscing. Tiny adventures. Graduation. Atomic Burger. Goodbyes.


My Midsummer & Beyond

The surprises of the summer continue. See you on the other side of the ocean!

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