Min-spiration: Mark Zuckerberg’s Wardrobe and Wedding

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Apr 08 2013

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Min-spiration: Mark Zuckerburg's Wardrobe and Wedding

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Mark Zuckerberg, billionaire founder of Facebook, has only one drawer of clothes, and inside are dublicates of one grey t-shirt. As Zuckerberg claims, he’s “Like men everywhere,” but the point is, he found something that works and sticks to it. Ridding oneself of the Getting Dressed Stress is not restricted to minimal men, however. I feel the same with my own minimalist wardrobe, in which each piece must complement every other to be added to the collection (I don’t even own – or need – a full length mirror!). So perhaps the Zuckerburger’s daily uniform is a bit of a fashion extreme, but find that ease within your own style. Keep only the pieces that don’t require daily questioning and constant tweaking.

Zuckerberg’s simple style extends also to his simple wedding to girlfriend-of-nine-years Priscilla Chan. The paparazzi were thrown off their game on this med-school-graduation-party-turned-surprise-backyard-wedding, catered by the couple’s favourite local restaurants (with Burdick chocolate mice truffles, which they had on their first date. Aw.). He broke the news to the world by updating his Facebook relationship status to “married to Priscilla Chan.” Style. Simplicity. Quintessentially him. Bam. Win.

While fashion is a means of expression, it should never inhibit us from expressing ourselves through our true calling, which, for Zuckerberg, is his business. Limiting his wardrobe frees time and headspace to focus on building one of the most popular tools on the internet. And play with his puppy (whom you can Officially Like on Facebook of course).

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