Min-spiration: The Recycle Bunnies

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Apr 01 2013

Gold Tape

Min-spiration: The Recycle Bunnies

While exploring Hong Kong with my parents, I insisted that we cross the street to visit these brightly coloured bunnies. Photos must be taken. Bunnies must be hugged.

Up close I realised that these weren’t just Easter bunnies – they were recycle bunnies!

Min-spiration: The Recycle Bunnies

Each colour signifies a different material to recycle. How cool is that! The Recycle Bunnies (as dubbed by me. I have no idea what they’re officially titled.) combine art, Easter celebration, eco-awareness, and practicality.

Yes, I have a pamphlet somewhere in a drawer telling me where to go to recycle electronics, but stuff tends to sit around for ages. I think the incentive of feeding the bunnies would motivate me to actually go recycle, dontcha think?

 xandra ★

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