Mini Adventure: a Birthday Wish in Boston


Aug 11 2014

Gold Tape

Mini Adventure: Birthday in Boston

After a good, hard day of climbing at Rock Spot, we shower and head to the city for lunch. Last year I went to No.9 Park with my parents, so this year we try Sportello, a more casual, Fort Point-located Barbara Lynch Italian. I never tire of pasta, and the bread and dip is delicious. I feast on tiramisu, which is presented with a birthday candle, so I make a wish.

Next we detour to Flour Bakery, because Mama has never been. So yum. 

Off to Seaport’s edge for an afternoon at the ICA. I’ve been meaning to go for ages. Modern art is weird, and sometimes disturbing, but some pieces speak directly to my core. After wandering through a room of varied media, I realize that it is all by the same artist: Jim Hodges. My new favourite. My goodness is his work magical. As per art gallery tradition, I add his “Untitled (It’s Already Happened)” to my virtual salon.

Mini Adventure: Birthday in Boston Mini Adventure: Birthday in Boston

I love it even more when I read that it’s called “Give More Than You Take.” 

Mini Adventure: Birthday in Boston

There is also a video piece, The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson, in which artists are placed in different rooms of a mansion, improvising a song together through their headsets. I got the Punchdrunk feeling watching that one.

Since we have time to spare, I request a stop at Newbury Street’s Fairy Shop to say hello to Michael, and to Lyra’s family. Somehow this shop always gives me just what I need; it’s filled with magic after all. Less than a day ago, I wrote on my Birthday List that I wanted to “add crystals”. Sure enough, the Fairy Shop has just started stocking them again. I select a clear quartz necklace to begin my collection. Sparkled with fairy dust, we say goodbye.

Mini Adventure: Birthday in Boston

We meet Dad for dinner at the King and I, a Thai place I’d never sampled. We brainstorm ideas for my 24th thing, and Sister’s idea is perfect: perform a planned, anonymous act of kindness.  

On the way home, I check my email, and finally: a notification from FedEx says my passport is on its way home [7 weeks late.] Looking at the time stamp on the email, it arrived shortly after I blew out the candle.

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