Mini Adventure: Café Crawling in Edinburgh


Oct 06 2014

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Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

Whether reading Brecht and Ionesco for my masters degree or typing this very blog post, in fact, a lovely café is my workspace of choice. I know from past visits to Edinburgh, and from Lindsay’s round up of favourite coffee places here during her year abroad that I am spoiled with options in this city.

To avoid simply parking at my local Lovecrumbs ^ every day, I’ve vowed to go on a year-long café crawl, sampling various teas, cakes, and atmospheres to make my work a shade brighter.

Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

The crawl started at Brew Lab, a truly artisan coffee bar – you know, the kind that, when they say coffee, they mean coffee. I love my affogatos and PSLs as much as the next girl [uh, probably a bit more to be honest], but this is classic joint is all about quality and finesse. I mean, my coffee arrived on a platter. The pulsing beat and rumble of chatter made this the perfect place for me to mutter Oedipus Rex aloud without bothering anyone.

Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

For a colorful, sophisticated yet girlish style, pull up a chair at Eteaket before the afternoon tea crowd hits. Brew Lab is to coffee as Eteaket is to teas: They have a full, massive page of offerings, and I’ve seen their loose leaf selections in other cafés and shops across town. Perfect for morning journalling and Heroine Training lesson planning.

Mini Adventure: Café Crawling

“None of the cutlery matches” was all I needed to hear to be persuaded to meet at Spoon for a pre-class theatre chat. This utterly shabby chic space is hidden away on a first floor landing on Nicholson Street. To those familiar with Oxford’s haunts, this may just be my new TSK. I hear they have the best soup in town, but so far I can only speak for their cake, which is exquisitely flavourful and not too sweet, just the way I like it. This cheery, rustic space makes the most tedious of assignments tolerable.

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