Mini Adventure: Café-Hopping in Boston


Jul 14 2014

Gold Tape

Mini Adventure: Café-Hopping in Boston

14:30 After our magical Midsummer ritualPaige and I meander to the T and talk Hogwarts and witchcraft and Bostonian-ness. Wonderfulness. We get on at the Boston College stop, the end of the B line; I’ve never been here before, but it reminds me of living in Wimbledon, the end of London’s District Line. 

14:40 I meet Valerie by the Whole Foods at Washington Street and she walks me to Washington Square. My best Bostonian blogger friend is a well-dressed lady with some smart writing, and a shared love of literature. We browse the pastries at a little European café and select dark chocolate squares and teas, which arrive in teapots. Nothing like the ritual of brewing, steeping, pouring, and drinking tea.

15:00 We talk of dreams and travels and visas and internationalism, and she surprises me with some beautiful book plates for the book club we will one day run. One day. 

15:45 On the C line this time, I catch the T and head towards St Mary’s St, where, thanks to Google, I found the Tatte Café, another adorable little European-esque hidden gem where I meet June. Later that night I realize that all three ladies – Paige, Valerie, and June – have studied in Oxford, and we all share a gushing love for that magical place. 

Mini Adventure: Café-Hopping in Boston

15:55 Over brioche, tart and more tea, we catch up on the past two years, with occasional interruption from daring lingering birdies. Adorable.

Mini Adventure: Café-Hopping in Boston

16:15 We walk through BU – it’s such a nice day – and get on the T at Kenmore. June has never been to the Common, so we must visit the literal heart of Boston (all distances to/from Boston are measured from the State House. I used to be a tour guide at said state house). We sample teas at David’s, window shop for cupcakes at Sweet, and meander through the green. She points out that the Park Street station makes sense because it’s at the park. Eleven years a Bostonian and I never made that connection. 

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