Mini Adventure: Climbing Rocks in the City


Sep 08 2015

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Mini Adventure: Climbing Rocks in the City

When I live in a place for a short period of time, the time crunch pressures me to explore it to its fullest. Now I’ve been in Edinburgh for over a year, and it’s the longest I’ve been in one place for a while. As wonderful as it is to have a home base, I started to take my city for granted.

Part of Edinburgh’s appeal to me is its mountainous terrain, even in the city itself. After years of driving hours before hitting the nearest crag, it is a strange luxury to have real rock within walking distance.

People always ask me if “I’m still climbing” and the answer is always “not as much as I’d like…”.

So this weekend, we could have stayed in, but no. Instead, we took a short drive to a little top-roping crag.

Mini Adventure: Climbing Rocks in the City

As predicted, not long after I started climbing, I wondered why we hadn’t made this wee journey sooner. I’ve been bitten by the climbing bug again, and it is exhilarating.


I’d like you to think of a thing that you love to do, but you haven’t gotten around to doing lately. Got it? Okay go do it. Preferably now. If not now, then schedule it in your calendar. Go on – then come back and share your adventure in the comments.


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