Mini Adventure: Culture Thursdays


Jan 12 2015

Gold Tape

Mini Adventure: Culture Thursdays

Here’s something I just started that you might like to do as well!

I love the arts, and learning new things, so naturally most of my friends do too. We have good intentions in common: we mean to go to things, but don’t go as often as we would like. It’s crazy, since I live in Edinburgh, which is full of beautiful things to see and do!

So I founded Culture Thursdays. A small group of us collect events suggestions and vote on our favourites to get out and experience our city each Thursday. 

The first event was “A Sycamore Sings”, a violin and piano concert at the National Portrait Gallery with poetry readings, all in memory of World War I. Even the violin itself was significant, as it was constructed from sycamore wood from Craiglockhart, which hosted a military hydropathic hospital during the war. The programme was so meaningfully organised and presented, serving as an excellent first event! I even got to browse the current exhibition, “Beauty by Design: Fashioning the Renaissance” before the concert began.

Mini Adventure: Culture Thursdays

Thursday falls at the end of my academic week this semester, so each outing will be my treat for completing my work. It is so lovely to see the world from another perspective – which is what art does for me – and to share that experience with friends new and old.

Mini Adventure: Culture Thursdays

I do adore being an audience member, especially with a venue like this ^ surrounding me. Culture Thursdays are my new way to relax and rejuvenate while taking a step back from myself to fit into what others have created.

miss xandra bee

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