Mini Adventure in Central Glasgow


Sep 29 2015

Gold Tape

Mini Adventure in Central Glasgow

Each month, Lynsay and I trade off hosting mini adventure dates in our respective Scottish cities. All I had to do was book a bus ticket, then follow her lead on a surprise tour through central Glasgow!

Our first stop was CCA’s Saramago café for a veggie lunch in the form of a massive burrito – I’m always impressed by Glasgow’s extensive vegetarian and vegan options (Lynsay is doing a Glasgow Veggie Diaries series too).

Lynsay informed me that our next stop was The Lighthouse, which I learnt was not a real lighthouse, but a little urban lookout atop an unsuspecting building down a little alley.

Mini Adventure in Central Glasgow

Because it was Open Doors Day, there were all sorts of surprise activities going on throughout the city, including this hand-drawn city that greeted us upon arrival at the top floor. Both reaching for the hot pink marker, we added a rainbow and a field of sheep to our dream city scape – pretty cool.

There was also a Tea Green pop up fair going on a few floors down, so of course we had to make our rounds.

Mini Adventure in Central Glasgow

I added an adorable Neon Magpie birthday card to my stationery collection, and took note of some new local cuteness to follow: Doris Does Doodles and Clare Barclay Draws.

Next stop was GOMA, a beautiful mishmash of classic architecture and modern art. And some wish list-worthy bags on display.

Mini Adventure in Central Glasgow

Of course there had to be something Disney-themed, so we browsed the pajama selection at Primark, and Lynsay introduced me to the Glasgow Disney Store. Hello Halloween tsum tsums!

Mini Adventure in Central Glasgow

As a kid I loved going to the Disney Store, but because there isn’t one in my city, it’s even more of a treat to be immersed in Disney magic.

We ended our whirlwind tour with a cup of tea (and an indulgent mug of real hot chocolate) at Kimbles ^, a bit of luxury tucked into the edge of a shopping centre. I was only in town for a few hours, but we saw so much!

Mini Adventure in Central Glasgow

No trip to Glasgow is complete without visiting a giant animal. On my first visit Lynsay introduced me to the giant elephant in the museum, and this time I met Mr Panda.


P.S. our first adventure: Elephant Selfies, and Other Excuses to Travel

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