Mini Adventure Mappings


You. Me. Mini Adventure.

mini adventure : conscious exploration of one's surroundings

Mini Adventures are personal, and unique to the individual. I will help you find a way to fit mini adventuring into your daily routine, whatever obstacles may be in your way.

I specialise in making daily life more magical, and with a little inspiration from fictional worlds.
Shall we get started?

The Details:


You and me, 1:1.

How long?

15 minutes.


Skype. (Or Floo Powder).

How much?

Free. My treat to you!


Email me to find a space in my calendar that is convenient for you!



'I already have an idea for an Epilogue to my book and a new conference presentation because of our session!'

- Lorrie Kim, Author of Snape: A Definitive Reading

'After my mapping with Xandra, I started having a tea date with myself every weekend. Xandra helped me realise that, even though I haven't made my dream of moving to the U.K. come true yet, I can bring some magic and inspiration into my life with this weekly tea date. I take this time to relax and to think about the next steps to take to make my dream of moving a reality.'

- Christine R., who has been posting weekly photos from her Mini Adventures on Instagram.

'I've been successfully meal planning for a full month now -- woohoo! My husband is on board too and it's become a part of our weekend routine and less of a chore. We've even tried some new recipes (while still enjoying our pizza nights). THANK YOU for chatting with me and helping me look at this task in a new light!'
- Caitlin Loughery

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