Mini Adventure: Pie-Baking Day


Oct 20 2014

Gold Tape


Baking tends to be a rushed activity for me: I’m usually working up to an event or just craving cookies as soon as bake-able. See, I even called it “work” even though it is for pleasure. So when I saw Minimalist Baker’s Pumpkin Spiced Apple Pie recipe, I decided to take my time and devote all of Saturday to the baking of it. 

I read over the recipe carefully, because often I overlook equipment I might need or extra steps I need to take. Our kitchen came furnished, but we’re still tailoring it to our needs, so the pie was a good excuse to get a pie pan, a pair of [bright blue] tongs, a whisk, and some mixing bowls that double as fruit bowls. 

That morning I had selected a range of sweet and tart apples from our weekly market shop. Yum yum yum. Then I picked up some pumpkin puree from Real Foods – I was so surprised to find it in this country! In the days to follow I attempted my own pumpkin butter from scratch, but was grateful for this shortcut in my first attempt.

Overall, I didn’t mess up the pie too much, but trying a lattice top was not an option, as the crust was simply too crumbly. I think next time I need to use colder, harder butter. Nevertheless, it was delish, especially with some Swedish glace, one of my favourite non-dairy ice cream options. It’s officially autumn, people!
What autumnal goodies have you been enjoying? miss xandra bee

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