Mini Adventure: Shakespeare in a Multistory Carpark


Sep 29 2014

Gold Tape


When I put “see a Shakespeare play I haven’t seen before” on my Birthday List, what I really meant was see Titus Andronicus, which is one of my favourites. At first it’s so gruesome it’s shocking, then it’s so shocking it’s hilarious. It’s Shakespeare totally making fun of the audience for taking itself so seriously: “You want gore? I GIVE YOU TITUS.”


My desire to see Titus exploded into necessity when I found a production starring some Drowned Man actors, taking place in a London multistory carpark, with parkour and beat boxing. So. Cool.

I wish I could tell everyone to run and get tickets, but it was also cool to see their final performance. I can tell you that it ended with a gorgeous view of London’s nighttime skyline, and a pizza pie. Now I need to see Richard III.

miss xandra bee
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