Mini Adventure: Walking in Wiltshire


Aug 18 2014

Gold Tape

Mini Adventure: Walking in Wiltshire Some of my favourite things about England: afternoon tea, English breakfast, sheep, and walks. [And Harry Potter, obviously].  Because it’s so walkable, Mini Adventuring in England is quite easy. When I moved back to Boston I had to get my driver’s license, first thing, or I couldn’t get anywhere. But here some decently comfy shoes or a bike can get you pretty far. Mini Adventure: Walking in WiltshireMini Adventure: Walking in Wiltshire During my first week back in the UK, the Monkey and I considered day-tripping to a nearby city, but factoring in jet lag and to do lists, we opted for a long stroll by the canal instead: it’s basically in his backyard. Mini Adventure: Walking in Wiltshire We passed fields and canal boats and puppies. It seemed secluded and quiet, yet our destination, a tucked-away pub, was packed! With a basket of English chips [waay better than American – or shall I say French – fries!] we sat under an umbrella during a slight drizzle, then retreated inside for reading time [Divergent for me, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for Monkey. No, I did not make him reread the Harry Potters this summer. He did that all on his own.] Mini Adventure: Walking in Wiltshire

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