How More Stuff can be More Minimalist

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Feb 21 2013

Gold Tape

How More Stuff can be More Minimalist

Minimalism is not just about “less stuff.” Physical stuff, that is.

It’s also about less mental stuff taking up space in your head. Less rushing. Less stress.

Sometimes this ideal, minimalist state of mind can be achieved by… buying more stuff. But don’t go rushing to the stores just yet!

I’m talking about actual time-saving tools, like my brand new peeler (from Cardew’s. My fave.). It saves me time and saves me vegetable. I love my paring knife (my only other kitchen tool), but the peeler is that much more efficient.

While I do appreciate their comedic value, who really needs a banana slicer, a spaghetti-twirler, or a strawberry stem remover?

If you’re going to invest in a tool, get one you like. I chose a neon peeler over a boring black one, and if I ever buy a pasta spoon, it will probably be this one.

xandra ★

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