Music Videos with Puppies


Mar 20 2018

Gold Tape

Music Videos with Puppies

Have you ever watched a music video over and over because you wanted to live in its world?

Let’s back up for a moment. All I wanted to do was write a roundup of music videos involving fluffy dogs, because I love fierce music videos and I love fluffy dogs.

I’ve been dreaming up this post for years in fact, but It always felt like too ridiculous a topic to possibly be relevant to Heroine Training.

But hear me out: what attracts us in fiction is a clue to how we want to live in our reality.

What attracts us in fiction is a clue to how we want to live in reality.

The music video is an art form that is not celebrated enough for its ability to bring a song to life, contextualising it in its own setting, with characters… and their fluffy companions.

And so, heroine, dream big, and dream fluffily.

Music Videos with Puppies
[and Other Fluffy Animals]

“So Much More Than This” / Grace VanderWaal

This song has been on my morning playlist for several weeks straight. I would like her outfit and her doggie and her magical treasure chest of notes and her journalling tree trunk.

And the best thing is, this wonderland takes place in her head through music, which captures the journey on which music takes us through imagination.

“Honey” / KAYE

In an homage to Fall Out Boy, KAYE is the ultimate badass, wearing an electric guitar as an accessory (I don’t even need to mention the pantsuit; it speaks for itself). Be sure to watch all the way through.

“My Little Alien” / Kate Nash

I just want to go vintage shopping and dog walking and cave exploring with Kate Nash. If she could be my wardrobe consultant I would be set for life.

“Puppies Are Forever” / Sia

Under normal circumstances, I have a strict policy* about listening to Christmas music, but much like puppies, this song is not just for Christmas.

* For those interested, my Christmas Music Listening Policy: No Christmas music before November, Passive listening in November before Thanksgiving, Active listening from Thanksgiving through December.

“Follow Me” / Maïa Vidal

Meet Maïa the ethereal sheep lady. A reminder that if I fill my home with plants, groom myself elegantly, and dress like a sheep, I will surely attract a posse of more sheep. Note to self to get some gold nail polish also.

“Blank Space” / Taylor Swift

I will pounce at any excuse to link to this video. Taylor Swift created this character in response to the media’s perception of her.

If that woman was real, what would her life look like? Of course even this alternate version of Taylor still includes her cat, as well as some stoic white horses because why not.

(By the way, that shot of her standing on the horse is now iconic, but rewatching this just now made me realise just how often a random horse is in the background. Genius.)

There you go. A glimpse into my puppy-ful world. Which music videos do you want to live in? (extra credit for fluff)


P.S. Did I mention that I manifested a dog? A story for another time, but look how fluffy she is!

P.P.S. Writing this ridiculous post gave me a thrill of rebelliousness. Sometimes you have to let go of worries of looking silly or standing out for doing what you want. More on this in the Rebel Heroine Retreat.

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