My Cute Coaster Collection


Sep 24 2015

Gold Tape

My Cute Coasters Collection

Every tea enthusiast who drinks by the mug must be in possession of some cute coasters.

The hunt was worth it – I stumbled upon these ^ glorious and nostalgic Oxford coasters at Pod, so I can always remember staking out a space at the Rad Cam with my lit crit, and early-morning essay writing at G&D’s, affogato at hand.

My Cute Coasters Collection

The dining room table hosts our four 2-dimensional puppy friends from Edinburgh’s Red Door Gallery. Not as cuddly as the real thing, but the more puppy in my life the better.

How I Infuse My (Grown-Up) Life with Harry Potter Stuff

Finally, as I’ve mentioned before, Monkey and I have our Hogwarts house coasters on our bedside tables for our evening cups of water and sleepytime tea.


Do you have any special coasters? Please share!


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