My Favourite Blogs: 2015


Jan 13 2016

Gold Tape

My Favourite Blogs: 2015
Every year, I dedicate some space to my favourite blogs I’ve been reading. Here are my favourite blogs I read in 2015!


For Daily Consumption

So many blogs have shifted to infrequent posting, but some remain prolific, maintaining quality AND quantity!

Forever Amber – my fellow Scottish resident and midi skirt enthusiast, Amber has super chic style, inspiring blogging advice, and seems like she’s having a lot of fun at the same time.

The College Prepster – makes me nostalgic for New England life! Plus, great recommendations for seasonal activities, books, and films [and a cute doggie too].

Career Girl Daily – for getting pumped about professionalism

For Aesthetic Inspiration

Basically, I want to live in their blogs because they are pretty.


☕️ Me and Orla – Sara’s latest project chronicling her life with her daughter Orla is magical countryside tranquility. Her free digital Instagram retreat seriously upped my Instagram game too.

Scathingly Brilliant – a true pastel princess who embodies the phrase “geek chic”. She dresses up her action figures seasonally, and regularly frequents Disney.

For Everything Else

Just useful. And awesome.


?Yes and Yes – Pretty much everything Sarah writes is exactly what I need at the time. Her latest: a free guide to meeting people and making friends.


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