My Fire-Inspired Outfit


May 08 2015

Gold Tape

My Outfit, Inspired by Fire

A festival inspired by FIRE? Yes please.

Each year Edinburgh celebrates spring at the Beltane Festival, in traditional Celtic style with fire processions, twirling, drumming, and various pagan goodness.

Since my wardrobe currently contains insufficient witchy-ness I decided to dress as the fire itself.

My Outfit, Inspired by Fire

Exeter College scarf | Kate Spade Dorothy coat | crystal necklace from The Fairy Shop | Walker Slater top | vintage sparkly jumper from Reign | ring from Hannah Zakari | Anthropologie skirt | American Apparel tights | Dr Marten Billie Boots

The Festival, besides being a great way to tick off “attend a new festival” on my birthday list, was also an excuse to finally visit Edinburgh’s famous Calton Hill. The views at sunset were spectacular.

My Fire-Inspired OutfitMy Fire-Inspired OutfitMy Fire-Inspired OutfitMy Fire-Inspired Outfit

The firey festivities began after the sun went to sleep, so I turn to the Beltane Fire Society for the visuals:


What unique experiences does your city offer? Share below :)


P.S. my favourite cafés in Edinburgh (so far!) …

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