My latest project. [I’m giddy.]


Jul 24 2014

Gold Tape

My latest project. I'm giddy.

It is with utter delight that I announce the birth of a new project: Heroine Training.

Writing Becoming My Own Heroine got me thinking. When I de-clutter my life, I leave room for the essential things that define me as a heroine.

Heroine Training is a hub for creativity and self-empowerment. It is the conjunction of fictional worlds, a guidebook for your own travels and trainings.

Get your pencils ready for Lesson 1: How to Keep a Personal Journal, then read Sarah [The Laughing Medusa]’s guest travel guide: East London Fit for Heroine. Warning: May cause extreme wanderlust.

And that’s just the free content. More on some exciting, exclusive offerings very soon!

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