My Life in Sense & Sensibility


Feb 23 2015

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My Life in Sense & Sensibility

When I first read Sense & Sensibility, arguably Jane Austen’s best book about sisters, I couldn’t STAND Elinor. She was so boring and practical, and Marianne had it right, all the time.

A few years later, I picked up the novel again, and found myself horrified to have ever agreed with Marianne. What an out-of-control teenager! Elinor was far more sensible.

From Frozen to the Mary-Kate and Ashley marathon I just had with the artist of the above, I’ve been thinking a lot about sibling dynamics. It’s a frustrating, wonderful thing to have a sister (Hi Sister) and Jane Austen captures this so well.

As I’m about to pop the final Northanger Abbey letters in the virtual post, so now is the time to sign up for your very own letters to accompany reading Sense & Sensibility.

The lessons from Sense & Sensibility are especially for:

  • the lady who holds back from her dreams
  • or the lady who gets swept up in her dreams
  • who wants to live fabulously within her means

You will receive:

  • weekly letters corresponding to a couple of chapters of Sense & Sensibility at a time
  • modern day commentary on Austen heroine happenings
  • advice gleaned from the wisdom imparted by our sassy Miss Jane


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Still not sure?

I’ll read you chapter 1 of Sense & Sensibility AND send you a sample letter for free when you sign up for entry to the Secret Garden ;)


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