My Life, in Table of Contents Form

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Mar 17 2014

Gold Tape

My Life, in Table of Contents Form

Perhaps you’ve heard that I wrote a book.

Yay! But I will be honest – it’s daunting to share, because of its genre. It’s mostly a memoir – and aren’t I a bit young to be writing a memoir? 

Thinking back to when I started experimenting with minimalism, I could have used a young lady’s memoir for inspiration. That’s why I faced my doubts and wrote it, and I hope that you find it helpful. 

At the end of each chapter, I include some prompts for you to ponder. Optional homework.

As for what’s inside, take a peek at the table of contents!

  • Meet the Heroine
  • Our fashionable heroine discovers minimalism
  • Our heroine develops an appreciation for quality and containers
  • Our heroine applies minimalism to time management
  • Our heroine gets a new name
  • Our heroine learns life lessons whilst learning to climb
  • Our heroine climbs in Spain, and finds Miu Miu in the mountains
  • Our heroine reflects on stories worth telling 
  • Our heroine contemplates self-worth and writing, with the help of Doctor Who
  • Conclusion: Our heroine is fashionably light

You can pre-order the book for $0+ here (it’s super easy), and get more info here.

Also, I hope that you will join me on Sunday for my pre-launch Google Hangout party!

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