My New Planner – and Quitting Long-Term Goals


Nov 20 2018

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My New Planner - and Quitting Long-Term Goals

I quit long-term goals.

Instead, I make space on my weekly planner spread for things that make me happy on a regular basis.

Sounds like a contradiction: planning for the present moment.

Isn’t planning about the FUTURE? Isn’t the present moment about not planning?

Well, I go into it a bit in the video below, but the bottom line is this: my planner sets me on track to do what makes me happy, one day and one week at a time.

These are the little symbols in the margins that I use to ensure that I discover new music, read regularly, and more!

At the top of each weekly spread I note:

🎵: New song I discovered this week
📖: Book I’m currently reading*
🏔: Outdoor Adventure of the week
☕️: Cafe where I planned this week
❤️: Obsessions Diary
➡️: Daily habit focus this week
📰: Long news article I read this week

* I don’t aim to finish reading a book each week, but to be consistently reading one. )

At the bottom of each day I note:

❤️: The most memorable part of the day
➡️: What I learned

These symbols set me up for regular, everyday enjoyment of life!

Take a closer look in this video, in which I talk about designing my own planner, and the changes I’ve made since my Passion Planning days:


P.S. How to Have a Date with Your Planner

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