my Pride & Prejudice pop song!


Feb 15 2022

Gold Tape

Hi Reader,

I did it! I started a YouTube channel for my music, and put my first Jane Austen pop song online!! You may have heard me mention my Austen song project, that I started, just for fun, after doing The Artist’s Way.

Songwriting is still not part of ‘the business plan’ but is an important part of my art life: creating what I feel inspired to create, and sharing the process along the way! I’ve talked about my music a lot, so it’s about time I shared it with you.

So when JASNA (the Jane Austen Society of North America, of which I am a proud member!) announced their Virtual Valentine’s Day Party, it was the perfect motivator to film this song. Their celebration of romantic gestures in Austen inspired me to share this passive, egotistical, questionably romantic moment of Mr Darcy’s 😆. And I say that with love. I relate to him more than any other character in the novel! 🙈

Pride & Prejudice is an awkward bop, so I wrote one. Since you’re here, I hope you’ll dance with me 😉

Until the Next Chapter,


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