My Rules for Life


Jul 16 2014

Gold Tape

My Rules for Life

While cleaning out my desk, I found this list ^ I made in high school. Pretty sage.

1. Always have a water bottle system. [“system”??]  Make sure you are never dehydrated.

2. Buy a planner and STICK TO IT. 

3. Have one email address that you always keep, preferably including your name and your school or company. [Profesh!]

4. Have a playlist of favourite songs that will always make you excited.

5. Eat only when you’re hungry.

6. Get into an exercise routine and STICK TO IT. [Sensing a pattern here.]

7. Reflect in a journal daily. Don’t think about grammar, spelling, appropriateness, wit – anything. Just write.

I still follow these, actually, and I still write lists of things in sevens [like Sunday Sampling]. 

Here are more of my rules. When I follow them, I am happier.

Aim to be 5 minutes early and always be on time.

Lie on the bed only when it’s time for sleep.

Always have a glass of water within arm’s reach. 

Waffles must be shared.

Say I will, not I will try.

Say I won’t, not I can’t. 

Do what feels right.

Spend less when possible, save for special occasions.

Give accurate time scales for things.

Keep promises. 

Don’t leave in a bad mood.

When in doubt get fresh air and share a snack.

Never eat alone.

Do my laundry and clean my room every Sunday.

Write four pages in my journal each morning, preferably outside.

Read British Vogue cover-to-cover each month.

Finish a magazine before buying a new one.

Charge things before bed.

Write letters every Sunday.

Empty handbags when I get home. 

Get fresh air every morning.

Plan tomorrow the night before.

Check email once per day, for 15-30 minutes.

Choose the healthier option.

Work ahead. 

A home is but a house without fairy lights.

What are your rules?

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