quick and easy nacho salad lunch


Dec 20 2012

Gold Tape

quick and easy nacho salad lunch^ my lunch today

my vegetarian nacho salad is one of my favourite lunches to make, and it’s super simple and healthy too. today’s bowl includes:

* two handfuls of spinach

* a small chopped tomato

* half an avocado

* leftover brown rice

* half an orange

* sprinkle of leftover chopped green (spring) onions

* leftover pinto beans

* spoonful of tofutti sour cream (vegan)

* spoonful of salsa

* no salt corn tortilla chips

delicious, and takes about ten minutes to prepare – and only a bit longer if you want to stir fry some vegetables. just add any ingredients that need using up (i love adding unexpected fruity flavours like oranges, pears, and kiwi) and creativity falls into place

what are your favourite quick lunch recipes? i would love to add some to my rota!

xandra ★



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