Micro-Pleasure: Nature, Wonder, Magic, Travel.

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jul 22 2013

Gold Tape

Micro-Pleasure: Nature, Wonder, Magic, Travel.

Here’s what happens when one ventures into the wilderness.

Luxury is redefined. Pared down. Made natural.

We indulge in views like the one above, which are not just views, but our surroundings, our current wonderland. A picture, however well-captured, cannot quite do it justice. Back at home I doubt that I took that picture, when only weeks ago I was there.

Extraordinary travel is stepping into what seemed like a fantasy world only visible on calendar pages and Pinterest – the kind of thing we see, but don’t quite believe, that we aspire to, but don’t think we can achieve.

It doesn’t seem like a Micro-Pleasure as much as a… Maxo-Pleasure or something. Something so huge that it encapsulates my whole world. But it lasts only while I’m there, and then it shrinks down into a little gem in my memory, and that memory is the Micro-Pleasure that I keep forever if only I remember to remember.

miss xandra bee
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