November’s Tiny Tweak: Do It Now

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Nov 05 2013

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November's Tiny Tweak: Do It Now

My To Do list is out of control.

Because of my blog, my 43 things challenge, lots of traveling, and planning next year, my priorities are shooting off in different directions.

I’ve been thinking about daily routines [currently reading Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey – great for inspiration], and brainstormed what would be on mine, ideally.

My dream daily routine includes…

yoga, juice, reading the news, journalling, writing for my blog, writing for my essays and novels

lunch with a friend, perusing through Vogue, beasting my email

cooking or dining out, seeing a film or a play, tidying my room, more yoga, more journalling, setting tomorrow’s MITs [most important tasks – a ZenHabits strategy], French vocab, reading until I fall asleep

But my Tiny Tweak for November isn’t on that list.

The Tweak I decided on is not an activity, but a habit. One that promotes a mindset:

November’s Tiny Tweak: Do It Now.

This applies to big and little things. For example…

Write the thank you card now.

Reply to the letter now.

Finish the film now, before watching anything else.

Send that email now.

Make the healthy choice now.

Do the dishes now, once you’ve finished eating.

Reply to the text now, and only check when you are able to reply straightaway.

If it can be done now, it should be.

miss xandra bee

P.S. Check out the Tiny Tweaks Archive for habit-forming of the past.


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