Simple Fix: Memorize Phone Numbers. Feel Less Helpless.

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Aug 16 2013

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Simple Fix: Memorize Phone Numbers. Feel Less Helpless.

When I was little, my BFFs’ phone numbers were ingrained in the muscle memory of my dialing fingers. There was something special about this knowledge, and well, it’s practical too.

Today is the age of speed dial and Contacts, which is convenient, but if my phone dies and I need to dial on someone else’s I’m usually screwed. So I’ve gotten into the habit of dialing digit-by-digit when I have a bit of extra time, and actually, it only takes a few times to memorize a number this way. Same goes for addresses, whether on an envelope or plugged into your navigation. Technology and digital storage are awesome, but do we lean on them too much when we could put in a bit of effort and learn instead?

Making the extra effort makes me feel more connected to ma mates and I like to think it’s good for my memory or something. It feels like it should be.

Does anyone else feel as helpless as I do when I don’t know stuff I would have memorized ten years ago?

miss xandra bee

P.S. On the subject of phones…

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