Office Tour: My Workspace Essentials


Jan 18 2016

Gold Tape

Office Tour: My Workspace Essentials

New year, new desk!

[Sort of – I’ve been shifting things around for a bit!] Monkey and I traded desks, so that I’m in the room with more natural light during the day. Here are my workspace essentials – want to peek?

Office Tour: My Workspace Essentials

Bulletin board

I do love handwritten correspondences, so this board displays the lovely cards I am sent, along with Monkey and my wall calendar and birthday calendar of dates to remember, and some Instaxes from our hosted gatherings.

Mickey tin

A birthday present from Lynsay, this tin is our home for keys and wallets.

Free People bag of computer cords

Between you and me, this is one of my more brilliant ideas. And also, an accident. I was packing for a trip, and wanted to keep all my chargers together when I realised that this pouch would be the perfect carrier. I was previously using it for decoration only, but now it has a function too! Score.

Office Tour: My Workspace Essentials

My little box of stuff

My RHAP secret santa present arrived in this lovely box, which is the perfect size for containing letters to reply to, my journal, notebooks, lotion, and bits of paper.

Laptop stand

They say the top of your screen should be at eye level, so I prop my computer up atop my Complete Works of Shakespeare, my 36 Hours guide to Europe, some notebooks, and my colouring books.

Office Tour: My Workspace Essentials

In the drawer

I keep one kind of each pen here, plus some office-y bits like tape, sticky notes, and my USB Batman. I have extra pens and refills in storage.

Office Tour: My Workspace Essentials

Stationery corner

I have postcards and foldover notes on hand for any occasion, topped with my flapper girl on the telephone print. Her string is pointed west towards her friend/my-Skype-buddy Lara.

That’s all for now! Do you have pictures of your workspace? I’m always looking for inspiration for my ever-growing Pinterest board.


P.S. the best pens ever

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