My Old Book, My New Book, and My Journey with Depression


Apr 01 2016

Gold Tape


It’s my birthday!

My ebook’s birthday, that is – it’s turning two. And it’s time for a little update.

Writing this book helped me refine my understanding of my own story and my role as its heroine. I call it a story-told workbook because it uses my story as an example, but includes prompts and questions to ponder how you fit into your own life (hint: You are the star of it. Obvious? I hope so. Can you be reminded of this fact too many times? No). 

The original book remains the same, an authentic record of the start of my journey at Heroine Training, but with a new, more telling title: Own Your Story. I am also including a new Addendum on Depression.

While I was writing the book, I was struggling with depression, but didn’t know it yet.

In fact, in the book I write about how I tried to seek help from a counselor, who told me to “get over myself”. This incident was hurtful and confusing at the time, and looking back from what I know now, I am furious at how this was handled. Asking for help is a brave step, in the realm of mental illness or otherwise, and this addendum aims to clear up some of the stigma surrounding mental illness, diagnosis, and what helps. Ever since I was officially diagnosed with severe depression by an actual psychiatrist (who explained to me that no one other than a medical professional can actually diagnosis someone as having or not having a mental illness – of course), I have been contemplating a way to update that section of my book. It was an unfortunate part of my journey, and I want to do what I can to ensure that no one else makes the same misunderstanding. 

So, I wrote an Addendum on Depression. It’s a reflection on my journey with mental illness: what it feels like, and what helps. It is now included with my book.


> You can purchase the Own Your Story ebook and workbook and the new Addendum on Depression here 

I hope that my journey will be valuable to your own. Hustle forth, heroines!


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