On Moderation


Jan 23 2020

Gold Tape

On Moderation

an Instagram post

I’ve hardly been online this week, and I feel great. Like sinking my teeth into a super-sweet cupcake 🧁after a sugar-free week, it goes straight to my head – whoa – I was used to this? It’s a bit much. 🥴

I make excuses to scroll through Instagram: I’m running An Online Business! I’m Decluttering My Digital Presence! But pruning my follows won’t make me feel more alive. Scrolling and tapping won’t expand my work.

But also, Quitting the Internet is not the answer. Moderation is hard, but an important skill. I do like being here, when I am truly present, on my own terms.

Is it bad for the algorithm to acknowledge this? Hi, Instagram spies 👋🏼 I’m not going anywhere. Nor shall I loiter.


P.S. Please write back – but I totally understand if you feel called to turn off your phone and just go outside 😉🌲✨

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