Wardrobe Weekly: the Opera and the Other Place

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Oct 09 2013

Gold Tape

Occasion: Adventuring in Angel After Wyndstock

What I Wore: the Opera and the Other Place

For wandering through Camden Lock in urban-idyllic Angel with the Wyndstock Girls I went for my vintage dress, which serendipitously matched this car. Wool and cashmere required for a cool autumn day. Matching cobalt is an added bonus.

Outfit: hat from Forms | star necklace by Sister | 40s vintage dress from Radio Days | Izzy Lane jumper | Daunt Books tote bag | French Connection wool tights | Dansko heels from Market Street Shoes

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Occasion: The Opera

What I Wore: the Opera and the Other Place

We keep hearing about How to Update your Look from Day to Night, right? Well, how about climbing gym to London Coliseum, home of the English National Opera? Time for creativity. I left the house in Docs, leggings, a t-shirt, and a fluffy faux fur. I did feel quite Macklemore. I swapped the shirt for a compactly-rolled maxi and voilà.

Outfit: Frock Swap furry thing from M&S | BCBG maxi dress | Under Armor leggings | Dr Marten Billie boots

Occasion: Three Days in Cambridge

What I Wore: the Opera and the Other Place

We Oxford ladies refer to this Cambridge as The Other Place. There’s a jovial old-school rivalry [Oh but we did beat you in the rowing this year, haw haw!], but really we’re more alike than not. For a few days of visiting Monkey as well as Sparkles and Crumbs Caz, I wore this for a few days straight. [Plus polka dot tights to mix it up a bit].

Outfit: Crown and Glory headband | vintage sparkly thing from Reign | Kate Spade knee socks | Malvolio shoes by Shoe Embassy

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