Outfit ~ One Paris, One Dress, Two Looks

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Apr 16 2013

Gold Tape

Outfit ~ One Paris, One Dress, Two Looks

Travel. It’s probably my number one motivator for owning less. Packing is easier, and isn’t it marvellous to travel fashionably light? (Yes.).

For my five-day trip to Paris I brought:

  • one dress (a Little Black one, appropriately)
  • two pairs of tights (which I layered together for the departure from gloomy London)
  • my Ambrym Duck Top
  • my flanel Gilly Hicks buttondown – perfect for layering (seen here)
  • a hoodie, borrowed/stolen from The Monkey
  • knitwear: hat, gloves, scarf
  • signature Crown & Glory bow
  • and as always, my Docs and All Saints coat.

I actually didn’t need the flanel top, but just because I was lucky weather-wise – it’s a must-have in the unpredictable European pseudo-springtime. The rest worked perfectly for wanders through parks, long dinners, and 10pm jazz in the cellar basement of a pub.

by miss xandra bee
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