Simple Fix: Patch it Up

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Jun 14 2013

Gold Tape

Simple Fix: Patch it Up

Hand me your trousers
You got holes in your knees
It’s no fuss, patch them up
Forget about that shoppin’ spree

– Eliza Doolittle, “Moneybox”

I met Barbara from Vintage Patch at Oxford ReFashion and when she offered to send me sample patches from her fabulous collection, of course I said yes. Her patches are made from vintage, reclaimed, and vintage-inspired fabrics and come in some pretty funky designs (My favourites: USA-esque stars, black and pink roses, and the ever-so-edgy skulls and roses).

Since my friend Jenny’s fantastic hippie jeans were dying a bit, I donated said patch to her worthy cause. We listened to Maia Vidal and stitched through the evening.

Simple Fix: Patch it Up

Not only is patching a great way to make our clothes last a bit longer, but the sewing project was so therapeutic.

by miss xandra bee

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