Simple Fix: Get Out of Bed, Dress Up, and Meet People

Chapter, Fashionably Light

Sep 13 2013

Gold Tape

The best thing about London?

It’s not the theatre. It’s not the bookshops. It’s not even this view. It’s the magnetic force. [Calm down, scientists, it’s a metaphor.]. My most memorable days have been spent meeting Londoners, or meeting friends because They Will Come to London (YES! Magnet!). A simple Facebook status (“Today, I moved to London”) led to loads of likes, and enough “Hey I’ll come visit you this week” messages to fill up my calendar. Magic!

My first major social gathering

…was dinner with a bunch of random lady-bloggers. When Che invited me to meet a dozen new faces in one night I was like [eeeep that’s intimidating!] YES.Simple Fix: Get Out of Bed, Dress Up, and Meet People

Meet Michelle, Che, Xandra [hi.], Lulu, Becca, Bobbi, Tania, Freya, and Rosie as well as our invisible friends AmyHelen, Lou, and Siobhan!

The thing is…

It was already a long day. Come dinnertime I was like eeeuurrrrghsleep. But I am so glad that I dragged myself out of bed, into my polka dots, and out on the town. If I’m going to be a London girl I’m going to live every minute of it.

Then marched the Blogcadets.

Nothing has made a greater impact on my blogging life than The Blogcademy and its constant after-party. [I explain here]. Just two London days in January led to reunions in CambridgeOxford, and London (see below), my fabulous site redesign by Veronica Dearly, and the acquisition of a furry green thing.

Simple Fix: Get Out of Bed, Dress Up, and Meet People

[Too many divas to namedrop, but LucyJ has a cute way of sharing the faces of the team.]

Now none of this wouldn’t happen without a fabulous collection of dresses.

Only a slight exaggeration. But seriously, as Amy and I mused over pre-lunch champagne [#wheninwestfield], events this ebullient are scary. I find the perfect solution to be a combination of mindfully stylish dressing, red lipstick, and a soundtrack of 80s music on the Tube ride over.

Say goodbye to lazy under-the-cover afternoons. Get up, get dressed, and go meet fabulous people!

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